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Frequently Asked Questions
Where is my VIN number?
The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is typically located on the driver's side door, adjacent to the door latches, and also in the lower left corner of the dashboard, facing the steering wheel. For vehicle owners, the VIN can be located on the title, registration card, or insurance paperwork. This unique identifier plays a crucial role in accessing important vehicle details and history. VIN numbers should have 17 digits and should not contain symbols I, O and Q.
Do you have sample reports?
You can generate four types of reports. Click the link below to view the available report options:
How do I buy a report?
  1. Enter your car VIN or Plate number and select the report type.
  2. Pay for the report by making a secure online payment through PayPal.
  3. Get automatically redirected to the report page within 20 seconds after payment.
  4. Report is also sent to your registered/PayPal e-mail address for your records.
I lost my report link
If you can't find the report backup link in your email, please contact us with your VIN number to receive the report link.
My report didn't generate
Our service comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if your report doesn't generate. You have the option to request either a refund or a vehicle history report. Please note that initiating a chargeback via PayPal without contacting us will cause a delay in the refund process. Click here to speak to a live specialist.
How can I get a free report?
If you spot an error on our website, let us know via email detailing the issue with a screenshot, and we'll provide you with 3 credits so you can retrieve 3 free vehicle history reports. Account creation is necessary to facilitate the transfer of credits. Errors reported while a server message is displayed on the website do not qualify for complimentary reports.