Most Complained About BMW Cars

If you’ve been reading up on, BMW isn’t complained about much. The brand is an example of luxury and performance. For the most part, people are content with their BMW’s and its a great car to take you outside of the mainstream market. Although BMW cars are great, there are some issues that drivers reported on

The BMW 3 Series is the top seller because of its mix of handling and luxury. It’s the most preferred and also the most complained about from all BMW models. Don’t worry, though, there are relatively few complaints, this data may prove helpful.

BMW 330

According to the complaint database, there are 58 complaints reported for the BMW 330. This data focuses on 330 models up until 2006.

2002 BMW 3-Series | BMW
2002 BMW 3-Series | BMW

The data shows that the 2006 vintage is the worst model year. Consumers brought up engine problems for the 2006 BMW 330. The 2002 model year for this car is the most problematic. The window trim falls off frequently.

BMW 328

The complaints range from model year 1995 to 2016 for the BMW 328. Over that period, only 75 complaints filed. It’s relatively low, but it marks the second on our list of complained BMW cars.

2000 marks the start of problems for the BMW 328. Engine problems were the main issue. It doesn’t end there though; the 2007 model year had many complaints. It would help if you kept an eye out for the electrical water pump malfunctioning.

BMW 325

The complaint data displays model years 1986 and 2006 being the worst. These model years had 76 complaints and took first place in the most complained BMW cars list.

2019 BMW 3 Series | BMW
2019 BMW 3 Series | BMW

In 2003 BMW unveiled the top problematic 325 series. This car also had engine issues. Consumers say the BMW 325 had a faulty locking steering wheel.

BMW 3 Series complaints

If you check the data out yourself, the complaints aren’t something to go crazy over. BMW makes one of the most robust cars. Old BMW’s are collector cars. This complaint list is only to stay informed of possible problems.

BMW 3 Series | BMW
BMW 3 Series | BMW

Every vehicle brand on has issues. Buying an older luxury car is excellent because you get a fast car for pennies. Before you purchase one, make sure to check the Carfax report here because problematic BMW’s can be expensive to fix later down the road.